The purpose of a retrospective is learning …     … to correct (sometimes recurring) mistakes … to identify and document successful practices … to gather information for reports … to prepare for future projects
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XP Some JavaScript Object Collections Collection This figure lists some of the more commonly used JavaScript object collections. Not all object collections are supported by all browsers or browser versions. Description Browser Support Netscape IE document.all All HTML elements in the document document.anchors All anchor elements in the document 3.0 3.0 document.applets All Java applets in the document. The applet must be started before being recognized as part of the DOM 3.0 3.0 document.embeds All embedded objects in the document 3.0 4.0 document.form.elements All of the elements in the form named form. document.forms All forms in the document 2.0 3.0 document.frames All internal frames in the document document.images All inline images in the document 2.0 3.0 document.links All hyperlinks in the document 2.0 3.0 document.plugins All plug-ins in the document 4.0 document.scripts All scripts (created with the